I received my package 2 days ago and want to return all items (poor quality, terrible sizing, etc) and am finding it impossible.

I've tried to submit a ticket half a dozen times, but when you hit the 'Submit' button nothing happens. I honestly don't think they have any intention of hearing from customers once they've paid.

I started a live chat, someone named Linda answered, and when I said I wanted to return merchandise she logged out. The company obviously is trained not to help when unhappy customers seek to return merchandise.

How do I return my shipment!?!?!? I'm trying to do it within the 3 day period, but there's not any reliable contact. I really don't want to be stuck with hideous, tacky clothes with no means of recourse.

I'm going to investigate the Better Business Bureau to see what recourse I have...


Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Clothing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $118.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Modlily Cons: Live chat support.

Location: San Francisco, California

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This company? Makes it nearly impossible to return merchandise.I would suggest you don't order from them.I know I never will again!!


Well,got ripped off too !!! Well over a 100.00


Fraud!! Terrible company.

Return policy is a big run around.

No one will respond to live chat. Do not buy from them!


I have been going through the same thing! Never order again!


I have the same problem. Impossible!!!!


Thanks for your post. I have experienced the same thing with them. I don't have as much money invested in the clothing as you but I was very disappointed in the quality and sizing as well.


I have been trying fo 3 days to return this ugly oversized shirt that looks nothing like the pictures! Thank goodness I only ordered one item! All of us should get together and go on tv to warn other shoppers not to buy their clothing, especially since you are stuck with it!


What is the address for returns?


You are absolutely right this company is a fraud please advice everyone not to order from this company


I too was denied returns of the garbage merchandise that I was sent.Clearly they are running a scam company with the way they handle things..Beware of this company


I ordered a swimsuit. It came in the wrong colour supposed to be XL would not even go over my backside.

I am a size 14 and this was possible a size 10. checked on the return info and it is totally useless. I will not be shopping with them again. It is easier to get a travel visa than return an item purchased via paypal.

I will continue using Paypal but not with this company. I am thankful I only wasted $30. Aus dollars.

I will keep it and give away as a present for a small friend. Take my advice and be careful when ordering from Modlily.


I’m up to 80% off. Still not interested in keeping the *** clothes.

I’m going to dispute the charges with the credit card company. I’m not dealing with them any longer.


Do not order from this company, I'm getting the round about with them also, the item I ordered in a medium is so small it could fit a child, the arms are so tight and they are twister, I had a horrible time getting the thing off, then after explaining this to them, they write back & offer me 50% off to keep it, never sent me an address to return, no response from them , I see the return address here, thank you


BTW, the return address is:



8714 34th Ave

College Park, MD



Mary K: Thanks for trying to rip everyone off as they talk about being ripped off - this is your home address. Please people DO NOT SEND MERCH HERE unless it is boxes of wrapped dog ***

Thanks for being a horrible person in the world that makes everyone's lives worse.

Here Are Our Return Instructions:

RETURN ADDRESS:42150 Cameron Purish Dr, Ashburn, VA, 20148

Consignee: Dingchang Deng


This IS a residential address, likely the commentator's, Mary K! :(


I just got a refund from Modlily!!!!! After reading here, I may be the first ever!

I experienced all the same frustrations, open tickets, offer for 50% refund, constantly logging me out (I must have logged in over 100 times throughout this 2 week ordeal), "Submit" button quits working after 2 ticket exchanges, etc. I ultimately submitted 3 different tickets. During the first ticket, I requested the return address so I could determine if shipping at my expense was worth it. It's a US address in MD.

Shipping ultimately cost me about $7. I kept typing ticket messages, requesting the RMA number, and hitting "Submit" multiple times, using the words "as is your written return policy". Have to assume they could actually see my words, though the ticket never updated to prove I ever wrote it. Ultimately, I packaged up the items, addressed them to MD, enclosed a printout of all my ticket correspondence, told them the amount they owed me upon receipt, and went to the PO.

I took a photo of the mailing address and the tracking number. I went home and started a new ticket, uploaded the "proof of return" photos, told them again what they owed me "...as is your written return policy". Within the hour, I received an email that a return in the full amount had been issued to my Paypal account. I have been monitoring it, and today the return finally hit my credit card, the original payment method.

Be persistant! Good luck!


I am having the same problem!!! Every time I log in and try to even view the purchase, it logs me out and I have to log back in.

Does anyone know the complaint number and/or return address??? - This is illegal!


Currently trying to find how to return a dress, and yes, I am getting the runaround. Open a ticket.

Customer service has updated. Ok......gonna give me an address? Looked up return policy, and they let you know if you be interested in half a shipping cost, and not return item. Nothing about refunding my purchase.

Still, not return address...Oh!

And evidently I have a Pay Pal account now. Something I did not authorize..


I agree can't even figure out how to return ..... this company is horrible !!!!! Do not order from them !!!!!

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