I should have know better, but I didn't realize it was coming from china, my husband and I are renewing our vows on valentines day which is our anniversary. I found this dress and thought it would be perfect for the renew on the beach, this dress arrived and it is nothing like the dress on the site!!!!!

It is not the same color, pattern nor length, they show floor length with a little train, this comes just below my knees!!! and on top of that it didn't fit!!! I am 5'9 145 pounds, I ordered XL on purpose, it stated XL is 14-16 as I have a friend who was going to help take it in if necessary, I wear an 8 in misses, and the little lace thing under the dress, haha it barely went past my you know what!!!! I have attached pictures from what they advertised and what I received, I have opened a dispute through PayPal they offered to refund me $8 dollars and keep the dress, seriously???

I have to run around over the next few days and find a dress before I leave on the 10th!!!!! This place is a scam!!!!

Do not order from them!!!!! I wish I would have seen this site before I did and made a huge mistake

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Top.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Modlily Cons: Items that i received.

Location: Aurora, Illinois

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People are saying this company Is based in chIna....NO WONDER MY SUIT LOOKS LIKE IT CAME FROM A BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE


I also ordered from them, a pair of shorts and a flowing top, the top fit ok and was as pictured. But the shorts would have to be 5 sizes bigger for them to fit.

I complained to the company, they refunded my money, let me keep the 1st pair I had ordered, and also let me order a bigger size.

When I received the bigger (biggEST) size they offered, it was almost still the same size as the 1st teeny pair of shorts I had received. I will no longer deal with them.


It took me all of 10 seconds to find out this company was in China. You can not use the "I didn't know" excuse.



Just because it is in China doesn't mean it isn't a legit company This place is a scam Should be investigated and shut down


"I should have know better, but I didn't realize it was coming from china"

THAT would imply otherwise.


I ordered and just posted a review. Most clothing these days comes from China but I am so shocked to see the DRAMATIC difference in what the advertised pics show v customer's photos. Guess I got lucky with my order at least the items that arrived resembled the items advertised.


Modlily, Rosewholesale, and Rosewe are all the same store, and they're all using the same scams. Most people get damaged or severely subpar clothing items; some people don't get their items at all. Avoid these websites like the plague.


Just like Rose Wholesale. All frauds.


yes, on Rose Wholesale I didn't even get my stuff and they took my money...thieves!

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