This is the WORST company I have ever dealt with! They sent me a defective product and I am getting nothing but the run around in getting my money back and trying to return their product!

They even had the audacity of telling me they would give me 15% back and I could sell the product to someone else!!!!! I will NEVER deal with this company EVER again!!!! The emails they send me look like a 2nd grader writing them! This should have been a simple fix, however they just keep messing with me instead of sending the return shipping slip and crediting my account.

When I received the product, there was no packing slip in the bag with any information on it. I'm completely fed up!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Swimsuit.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Bel Air, Maryland

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Same here....they finally said hey would give me 50% but I still have not received my money. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE and not thrilled with the swim suit at all.


Why is it people only look up complaints against companies after they buy their product? This company is being blasted all over the internet.

This site alone has 776 bad reviews! This is nobody's fault but your own for not doing your homework.

You deserve to get ripped off. Stealing from stup1d people should be 100% legal.


While I wish I would have looked at Yelp first.....I do not beleive consumers should not have to look up EVERY item purchased in yelp or anywhere else prior to purchasing a product. Companies are responsible for providing good service and at the very least....a decent product.

Mine had stains on it. It's clear Modlily doesn't really care how long they are in business.

Have a great day.


I feel your pain, however, companies no longer feel the need to cater to customers. You are dealing with scam artists all over the world now.

Ordering online means you do not get to see the item, or meet the seller before it's too late. You are essentially throwing your money on the side walk and waiting for a responsible person to pick it up, return it and not run off with it.

Look at the state the world is in. Look at your presidential candidates. Sorry to say, you cannot trust anyone.

This is not the day of Montgomery Wards anymore. You must be on the defense, as sad as it may be. So, just try to write this one down as a loss and spread the word, as you have. THAT will be the only way to put and end to companies that rip people offf...word of keyboard.

I am actually on your side. Sometimes people need a good keyboard whipping to catch on.


call your bank and dispute the charge. I did...they ripped me off.

You have a leg to stand on with the bank. screen shot your communication with them.

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