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i think this company was called rotita it looks the same sort of rubbish they shouldnt be allowed to sell on line you couldnt give there clothes to to the third world and adult clothing would only fit a skinny 5 year old girl i returned two dressess to china they said they dthe pictures like everyone say look great but the pridnt receive them ihsad proof of posting but lost my money its noe calling itself modlilyisurely there cant be two companies this bad i think rotita and modlily are the samecompanyplease read reviews before buying this utter c p

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Dress.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Modlily Cons: Everthing that has been stated.

Location: Powick, England

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Modlily is an independent website, which has nothing related with other else.

May I know have you ever purchased on Modlily?

Would you please help me and tell me the order number? In this way, I will easily found out the problem and help you out.

Secondly, we have been devoting to offer good products with low price, but it maybe up to everyone’ expectation.

Besides, there are many bad reviews not written by real customers, but fraud competitors.

We really despise it.

Hope for your understanding and best wishes.

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