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After posting a review I was contacted by the company and told I could FINALLY get a refund! That was week ago and I am STILL trying to return their worthless products! I was asked to take down my review in exchange for a full refund, I was promised shipping cost to be paid too. But when I asked for a shipping label they keep telling me that I have to cover that cost. To ship this back to China will probably cost half of what I paid for the *** product anyway! I have read on some reviews that people can't even find the address to return the product so after WEEKS of trying I finally got that at least and will share it with you! Hope this helps everyone else this company tried to screw over!

Yang Xing

Room281, #15-3 Building, 999 Ningqiao Road, Pudong , Shanghai, 201206, China

phone, 021-60526980

Followed by these instructions:

Please return by post office and put RMA number on the package. So we will know it’s from you.

more information you need to care:

1,please send us by post office and registered mail, and email us the tracking number after the shipment

2,Please put your RMA number on the package(RMA number =MM16040xxxxxxxx + 0xxx)

3. Pls email us the tracking info after you mailing it back. Our email address is .

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Thanks for your feedback.

We have been devoting to offer good products with low price, but it maybe up to your expectation.

So you could return anything you want, under the condition it's in original condition. Postal service is a good way to return, and I suppose it’s not much expensive.

After we get the return package, 100% refund will be issued.

Our customer service will send the return address to you, please submit a ticket ASAP and we are expecting for an earlier reply. Please mention that you are from pissedconsumer.

Best Regards,


They offered 100% after they saw my review. I'm waiting for them to send me a return label because I'm NOT paying shipping!

It will cost half of what I paid them! I have plenty of evidence against them now to get a complete refund from my credit card company. So it's now their choice if they want their junky product back or if it goes into the garbage. They told me to sell it online!

Like I would pawn this *** off on some poor unsuspecting person! WORST. COMPANY.

EVER. I've been trying to get this resolved for over 2 months now!


But u know after the package leave the usa it won't have a tracking number no more that tracking number only apply for the usa. So I was like I can send it back to yall and u can say u never got it.

So I'll be out of money clothes and money to send it. So make sure u ask them again too.. I'm still waiting for them to send me a return label then they told me to give it to my friends or family I said if I'm not wearing the items what makes u think they will. Then going to say they will give me 10 percent back off 178 dollars I said no..

I want all my money. Then they going to tell me they can give me half of the money I said no did I give u half my money when I paid u guys. No..

so now I'm waiting for them to reply back to this. How much did they say at the post office to send your package back.


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