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invoice # MM1901061203064694

I placed order and never have received my items. this is really sad because I do not have money to waste like this and I really liked the item


items lost in transit, unable to reach company

how in the H does anyone get in contact with an actual person in this company ??? they messed up on my address and so I still haven't received my items and if I select return/refund it goes nowhere HELP

Unfortunately, according to the information taken from the Modlily website, the customers can contact company customer support only via email, live chart, or social media.

what email address ????? I couldn't find one and forget live chat that never connects still looking for a resolution



still waiting for refund order #180725 2003119729



It looks like I was charged for three orders, instead of just one. If so I only wanted one blouse.

Please fix my order as I only have a smart phone. Maybe you could get a phone number for me to call.


My order has been paid for, but not received.

You told me that my order payment has been received. Now you are telling me you need proof of my address.

You have my address. The Ticket ID for my order is T3701773144. I am so very unhappy with Modlily.

This is my first time ordering from you and probably my last. Please inform me what you are going to do with my order, you have my money.


Blue top

Why is there no phone number to contact you? I need to speak with a representative. 412-979-4229


My order April 22, 2018 paid in full!

Ordered two swimsuits on April 22, 2018, my account was charged and your company got paid! Where are the items that I have ordered and paid for? To much time has passed for me to still be waiting is absolutely ridiculous and not good for business Modlily. A copy of my complaint is also being filed with the BBB as well as my Bank. So please make sure my order is NOW on it's way, also reporting PAYPAL, I am not a member nor do I care to join! I would appreciate a timely response from your company asap...

Cynthia Carmicle

14209W CountyRoad E

Stone Lake, WI 54876



How to return an item.

I am trying to return a shirt and can not find an address to return the item. Please help me.


Return order for exchange

I received the scalloped hem lace panel long sleeve layered blouse for Christmas and it did not fit. I got the information on how to exchange it.

I sent it to the address given to me and put all necessary numbers on the label. I sent it back on January 4th. The USPS tracking # was 9114901496450876657567.

I have never received a new top. Please reply by e-mail.



I ordered a swimsuit on Feb 10th and have not received it. I have no tracking or acct number, only an invoice #.

Please let me know the status of this order ASAP via my email. Thank you.


Order not received.

I ordered a bathing suit Dec12 and 1 month and a day later I haven’t received it yet. I checked the tracking info.

more than once and I get nothing. Order number MM1712121017398652 and the tracking info. RH938619053CN. I want a answer.

I do not want to pay for two. I want this item.

Contact me either email or pref. phone.


A returned blouse

I returned a blouse and never received credit back to my checking account why.


my order

Where the is my order? You have already taken my money!!! Pissed !!!!


Order not received

Where is my order of a pullover link top with lace. Order placed 01'04-2017 from Kingman, Arizona?????


I have not received my order.

I ordered a red cowl neck top with buttons and I have not received my order. Please advise.


shirt order

I placed an order on Nov. 28 2017.The order number is 4029357733ca Please contact me via phone about my order. I either want to know something or my money back.My number is 757 416 1118.



I placed an order on October29 2017. The order number is MM1710300150494194.

Please contact me via phone about my order.

I either want to know something or my money back. My number is 478 299 2989.


Shirt ordred

I placed 2 separate orders for a shirt I want and never received either one- I was already billed for one-please contact me!! I still really want the shirt but am afraid to reorder again!


Jacket ordered

I ordered a jacket, paid 47.78 on October 20th, 2017 I have not received the jacket. Can you tell me if it was shipped?


Order not received

I ordered 2 of the Zipper Up Hooded Collar Long Sleeve Grey Coat. $92.78 was deducted from my Paypal account on October 10th.

I have not received these coats.

Please send them to me. Let me know the status of this order please.


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