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I ordered 2 shirts on sept. 5 still haven't received them


I have an item order MM1707262300346533 that I would like to return. How do I send it back?


Trying to order an item from Modlily

Need help in ordering an item from Modlily.


What is your phone number

I have an order for a cream white blouse in the cart but the check out box does not appear and I am unable to pay for it. Would you send me your phone number so I can order the blouse by phone? Thanks.


I want to return all three items I purchased. There are instructions for returns are too confusing; what do I do?

I want to return all three items I purchased. There are instructions for returns are too confusing; what do I do?


I would like to order over the phone. What is your phone number. Would like to use a Visa card.Thx

Want to order the round neck short sleeve lace panel t-shirt. Sz xl. Tan


Don't do it!!!! After you order and receive your garments you better hope to God they fit perfect! Because if you need to return it and send it back you'll never hear from them again!


Return ticket address

Tried x times wont take order no so no ticket n no return address need to return merchandise


I ordered a bathing suit on 3/27/17. Still have not received it. Where is it?

Your company took the money out of my account and I never received my bathing suit.I lost my order number.

My address is 216 Avalon Pines drive, Coram , New York 11727.My phone number is 631-336-7204.


Never received my order


How do I return a recent purchase?

I received a delivery from Modilly & want to return same but I am finding it very difficult to do so.


I purchased two dresses from Modilly.One is the wrong color & the other on the other one one of the sleeves does not fit but the other one does.

I do not like the quality & wish to return them. I have made several attempts to contact Modilly but have gotten no response. As a senior citizen I don't have money to waste so am very frustrated by the lack of cs from this company. I do not know how to solve my dilemma of getting my money back.

Will you please help me!Submitting a ticket does not work!!!!!


Hey Patricia - sorry you had problems with your order.I saw one of their blouses online (random ad) but after looking at reviews like yours - you just saved me time, trouble and MONEY!

Won't be buying.Thank you.


How to return merchandise

I received my package a few days ago and want to return all items (poor quality, terrible sizing, etc) and am finding it impossible.I've tried to submit a ticket half a dozen times, but when you hit the 'Submit' button nothing happens.

I honestly don't think they have any intention of hearing from customers once they've paid. I started a live chat, someone named Linda answered, and when I said I wanted to return merchandise she logged out. The company obviously is trained not to help when unhappy customers seek to return merchandise. How do I return my shipment!?!?!?

I'm trying to do it within the 3 day period, but there's not any reliable contact. I really don't want to be stuck with hideous, tacky clothes with no means of recourse. I'm going to investigate the Better Business Bureau to see what recourse I have...

Help!I am a very frustrated, disappointed, and very pissed customer


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