Chicago, Illinois

After several hours navigating their site to inquire the status, I was able to track through the US Post Office who concurred it was returned to China. I asked for my money back or to re ship the item.

Modlily offered 60% refund. So I had to go thru Pay Pal. Their site is very difficult to utilize. They only respond every couple of days.

It was a very long and very frustrating experience and I will never shop with this company again.

Pay Pal agreed to refund my entire amount after they investigated. Beware of this company if you expect to receive your order.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I ordered a blouse In March and haven't Recieved it yet ! I'm getting a little concerned as the money has been taken out of my account !

Can you please track this item as I haven't a tracking number. Thanks


Waiting on package says 3-5 days it has been 8. Days can't get a hold of anybody


This company is scamming people everywhere. Fake irder numbers, no shipments, no phone response!


Going through the same thing right now. They have them a tracking number though.

So now I'm waiting to see if I actually get the items. Wish I would've read all these warnings before hand.


I just ordered a swimsuit from modlily that I saw advertised on Facebook almost three weeks ago and when tracking my confirmation on their website it still keeps saying "not shipped." I can't even find a valid phone number to contact them. They've already taken my money out.

This *** me off.

There has to be an attorney general to report them to? Or even Facebook


Yeah I ordered over a month ago they said it would be 3-5 days and its still not here but they sure took the money out of my account quick...Don't order from this company they scam people and are liars.


Im still waiting for my order its ridiculous i paid extra for two day delivery that was two weeks ago. Im so annoyef what can I do?


I am just know reading your comment. I should have been more cautious about it.

I just place an order on March 6 2016. I am hoping it come.Reviews


Yes I need two different orders haven't got a tracking number haven't got my order I pay with PayPal truly upset I shoulda never order offline this company


Been on this same escapayed for 6 weeks. Horrible service and *** run around!!!!!


how did u go about getting the tracking info to know it was sent back


i just order 3-items from this same company and its been 1-week i have not received tracking number who do i call ?

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