San Antonio, Texas
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I purchased a CASHMERE sweater from Modlily. A week later, I received a cheap cotton knit sweatshirt.

When I complained and sent pictures I was told, "our price is so cheap so it's not perfect." The quality is poor (the sleeves are not finished properly), but that wasn't my complaint. It was deceptive advertising. You cannot advertise a "CASHMERE" sweater and sell cotton, regardless of the price! Then they offered me a 20% refund.

NO! I want a full refund or the actual product I ordered!

We have emailed back and forth for a week and I am about to file a complaint with my credit card company. This is fraud no matter how you look at it.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Modlily Cons: Customer service.

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My advice to customers out there is that you shouldn't buy any dress from this website. They are scammers.

My friend bought a very cheap and rag dress at a very high price. Dress not as described. We have emailed their customer service several times regarding the fake dress uptill now they haven't responded to us.Does anyone have an idea on how to return the dress. The company is not in the UK.

So disappointed!!! Buyers BEWARE.


CHINA. Their customer mantra, "what do you expect for so cheap?

We can't provide quality at such a cheap price"...

Keep buying Chinese. You can always contact Chinese consumer affairs- NOT.


Did you report to your state's attorney? I suggest you do that.

They can give advice. And Better Business Bureau.


I didn't. I reported it to my CC company and I was able to get my money back.


I had a similar experience in a different website. Bought a nice looking loose fitting sweater with a big cowel, thick looking material and a fuzzy inside.

I got a tshirt thin sweater that had unfinished strings all over it and it was about 2 sizes too small for a "one size fits most" and I can fit XS/S!! And the cowel sucked.

Watch websites that sell merchandise extremely cheep, especially with heavy use of Asian models. Usually means its coming from an Asian country, likely to be china, and that its probably cheap and smaller than usual, because of their smaller build.


No one offers quality product any more and they will tell you what ever they have to to get your money its sad. I'm sorry this happened to you


This merchandise is awful please don't took 8 weeks and my entire order is a cheap mess.And you can't contact them to return anything.I think this is a rip off and a scam.merchandise is cheap very cheap I am pissed off.


Yeah! I ordered a purse last year for twelve dollars and they have me the run around and I just thank God it wasn't a substantial amount of money. I couldn't ever get in touch with anyone very frustrating!


I have considered ordering from this company... now I think I will pass...

that is a gorgeous cashmere sweater in the pic and that is a cheap looking piece of trash they sent you. Cheap cotton!

That is deceptive advertising. They should refund your money in full and stop advertising cashmere sweaters if all they send are cheap, tattered cotton shirts!


I order the same this and got the same thing....I paid for mine on my paypal so i'm going to dispute it and since I did not get what I order......


Me too

. I want to return this cheap ***


I am going through the exact same thing!!! This is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!


I contacted my CC company and filed a fraud claim. I was able to get my money back from my CC company.

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