This is a fraudulent overseas company that sells poor quality goods, and will not accept returns despite advertising full refunds if returned within 14 days. The scam is that they have absolutely no intention of providing an address for returns, and instead use several stall tactics in a very transparent attempt to ensure that your 14 days will elapse.

The swimsuit I ordered took weeks to arrive and when it finally did, it was highly defective and very poorly sized. It is not a matter of Asian sizing- no human female could wear this particular garment, due to the ridiculously incorrect proportions. The top was literally falling off of me (and I wear a D-cup) and yet the bottom was at least 3 sizes too small, despite the fact that I am much larger on top than on the bottom, and therefore normally have the exact opposite problem with correctly proportioned swimsuits. Additionally, there was very obvious shoddy craftsmanship, sloppy stitching, and hanging pieces of excess fabric in more than one place.

When I attempted to return it, as per their advertised policy, I noticed that although I could not find an address to send it to anywhere on their site (where it is pretty obvious that English is not their first language) they nonetheless did manage to make it very clear that returns would not be accepted unless returned to the correct address. I therefore attempted to use their "Live Chat" link to get help as to the address and the correct procedure, but never even received a response. I then submitted a "ticket" as per their instructions, in a further effort to get my question answered. What followed was a succession of stall tactics designed to prevent me from returning my item, and to ensure that my 14 days (time allotted for a full refund) would elapse.

I was asked to explain why I was returning it, which I had already done, and when I did explain a second time, again requesting the address, I was then asked to provide photographs. I complied with their request, provided the photographs, and begged them, yet again, to provide the address for returns. I have asked for the address a total of FOUR times, and have still not received it. I was completely astonished that their next incredibly inappropriate tactic was to actually suggest that I should avoid the shipping fee by either gifting or selling the item myself, and by obtaining a store credit instead.

This was after I had already requested the address multiple times and had assured them I was prepared to pay the shipping costs. Their final reply to me was, "so you're saying you want to pay the expensive shipping fee?" despite the fact that I had already made my intentions crystal clear to to them more than once. There is no possible explanation for someone asking a question that's already been answered repeatedly, other than the truth- which is that they were continuing to stall in an attempt to waste my time and use up my allotted number of days in which I can return the item for a full refund. They obviously have no intention whatsoever of honoring their legal obligation to accept my return, or to provide a full refund as advertised.

I have already posted about this company on social media, and fully intend to report then to the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General's Office, my credit card company, and PayPal.

This is the most dishonest, unethical company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They prey upon innocent, hard working people, and they need to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Swimsuit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $23.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Modlily Cons: Timeliness of delivery, Fraudulent advertising, Poor quality product, Dishonest and unethical customer service, Refusal to accept returns.

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I wish I had read this site before ordering from these crooks. Ordered beginning of October and received a fake tracking number and site and never received anything.

PayPal is handling this for me now. Pathetic people trying to rip people off!


I'm dealing with them now. I have yet to receive an address to return the HORRIBLE swimsuit I ordered. I'm so frustrated at this point!


The delivery period depends on the shipping method you choose. If you choose flat rate shipping, it’s quite slow and generally 2-3 weeks of delivery.

Standard shipping takes 1-2 weeks, and expedited shipping is as fast as 3 days delivery.

We have been devoting to offer good products with low price, but it maybe up to your expectation. So you could return anything you want, under the condition it's in original condition. Postal service is a good way to return, and I suppose it’s not much expensive.

After we get the return package, 100% refund will be issued.

Our customer service will send the return address to you, please submit a ticket ASAP and we are expecting for an earlier reply. Please mention that you are from pissedconsumer.


Then just put the address on here so everyone can return their stuff, stop stalling!


You hit the nail right on the head. Everything that you have described is happening to me as well.

Its beyond ridiculous. They are stalling and I have requested several times for return address. There site says "Free Shipping for your order and 30 days easy return." What a joke.

They now say that I can return the items but that I have to bear the shipping (which is fine) as well as the 40% handling fee they are charging, which they do not advertise in their return policy. Ridiculous


The same thing happened to me. I ordered from Sammy or whatever $100 worth of stuff & they are the same rip off.

Not true to size, cheap material, etc. Buyer beware of these little known online companies.


Yep, SAME thing is happening to me now too. Only they had the audacity to offer a 20% refund to save me the shipping costs.

?!? Um no. Full refund you scam of a company!!!! And I agree with the posters that say credit card companies should block them.

These guys need to be run out of business.

I feel *** for being duped by them. You know the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true..."


Just had the same experience ! So angry !


I had the exact same situation with them! Terrible!


Thanks for your feedback.

First of all, sorry for any inconvenience that it may bring.

We have been devoting to offer good products with low price, but it maybe up to your expectation. You could return anything you want, under the condition it's in original package. Postal service is a good way to return, and I suppose it’s not much expensive.

After we get the return package, 100% refund will be issued.

Please contact us by a website ticket. Our customer service will always reply in 1 working day.

Hope for your understanding and best wishes.

Best Regards,


Liers!!!! You are using the same auto generated response message MODLILY !!

You do not get back to me for days I'm stuck with two child size bathing suits that are *** poor quality I will continue to slam you on your social media web site until your shut down I've notified my credit card company and if you try to advertise under a different name with fake pictures of alluring clothing I will research it ( like I should have in the first place ) and get the word out again of your rip off scam ways. You can't be allowed to do this to people


That is a lie! I have been told by you even if I sent it back I will only receive 60% for a faulty swim suit.

I fully intend to also report you to the BBB and Paypal. Paypal should be aware that this company had fraudulent return policies and is not good for their business to have you as part of their network. By the way everyone, BUYER BEWARE. Pictures are not anywhere close to what you receive.

Swimsuits without any lining??? That is ***!


This response is hilarious. They have no intention of allowing returns.

There isn't even a way to return something on the website. These guys at are criminals/ *** artists and should be banned


I too had the exact same issue. Ordered a bikini it didnt fit was of poor quality.

Asked several times for the address to be told expensive shopping returns and offered small refund

After 4 weeks emailling i accepted 25% refund just because i was sick to death of the repeat emails saying the same thing same excuses.amd not getting anywhere. Had i stuck to my wanting the returns address i think i would have been waiting forever.

Horrendous company

Scam company

Also i believe theres another 2 companys linked to this one with different names with the same service.

Never again will i buy from an overseas company like this.

Extremely unhappy Should be shut down. Poor poor customer service.


YES! Rosegal and another one!

I'm currently in this EXACT situation and they refuse to give the return address as they are trying to be slick and wait until my 14 days has expired. I'm sick to death with these people. And then saying that they "offer quality merchandise".... stop playing!

I mean really! They are a disgusting excuse for a "company"!


Same exact thing happened to me except I never got my bathing suit! Not happy at all!


We had the exact same experience as you've just described above. It is a pity that a company like this should be allowed to do business and scam people.

Every credit card company should ban them from excepting a charge.

I am happy to see that so many consumers are posting their responses. This way this company no matter why will never be a profitable legal business

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