Los Angeles, California

Ok so here's one of my 8 items I was mislead to buy 300.00 later u better bet im gonna save u from the heartache I felt when my package finally arrived 4 weeks later when I paid 20.00 extra for next day delivery lol.... Never again btw its a one huge size fits all on the tag not s m l as they advertise!

Btw im not an extra small or anorexic either ... Im reviewing each item please look for my other reviews so u don't think I just had bad luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Romper.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Wow, you look gr8 in it! Well worth the $300.00 If you allow me, I'll buy you another one for $300.00 - if you simply model it and send me similar pix!

would you? Perhaps another outfit, if you want.

Maybe $350 is my limit. Here - maybe you want to pick something out: www.lb.com


K, we have NO IDEA what these outfits are SUPPOSED TO look like or what was presented to you since all posted was YOU wearing them, tells us nothing & does not validate your story. Try sending pics of what was advertised & not just pics of you. Common sense.


Uhhh, she did post a photo of the advertised item.


Right I Did....


The first picture is literally a screenshot of the modlily website you *** ***. it's obvious that it's a totally different person in the 3rd picture.


You make that outfit look great!


This isn't *** facebook/instagram. Quit using a complaint site to show yourself off, skanky ***.


Skanky??? Lol First of all if u read my comment and seen the picture u can see the quality and sizing of the outfit.

I wasted my 300.oo and would not have if someone before me would have posted the pic of the quality on here.... So u can take your off the wall comment and stick it where the sun don't shine.....

But I'm sure some one will find this picture useful and not waste their money or time :) btw... 2015 who posts pics on Facebook still


I can't believe u did not find that useful so the women in the catalog pic looked a lil less sexy lmao! Skank it looks like a trash bag.

I was hoping for a skanky nighty it's not what I got lmao!!!!!


Why so much hate on the holidays? Everyone likes looking at pretty ladies. Well, straight guys do anyway.

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