Addison, Texas
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Soo my birthday is arriving and I wanted something fresh and new to west to my 60th birthday party, the dress on the left is what I ordered. The hot mess on the right is what I got.

Nothing is the same but the color. Don't waste your money. Never again.

Yeah gotta go shopping for a new dress now. I thought about returning it but it's more money being spent.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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oh dear, not good, I have ordered a dress from them for a wedding, only just shipped now after 3 weeks, not looking forward to getting it after these reviews


Looks like the same dress to me.


Are you blind? One arm is clearly much shorter then the other. smh


Actually, it looks like in the picture of the dress ordered that the right arm WAS longer. If you look at it, it looks like she bunched the material around the wrist.

It's probably supposed to be an interesting touch by the designer of the original dress. The neckline of the knockoff from Modlily is completely off, though, but this is one of the better attempts from them that I have seen.


The way I see it it is not the dress that is the issue, but your body. You should have ordered a smaller size.

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