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Update by user Feb 19, 2017

PAYPAL TOOK CARE OF ME! After a month of back and forth with Modlily I escalated my complaint through Paypal and they moderated a full refund.

I had to pay for the return shipping (which ended up being about $80 through USPS- about half of what the UPS store wanted to charge). but once they received proof of receipt of my returned items they credited my account for the full value. If you bought through Paypal this could be your solution!

I'm loving Paypal right now! :-)

Update by user Jan 31, 2017

Update: After going round and round w/ Modlily for over a month I escalated the issue to Paypal. They first offered me a $100 refund.

I refused and said I wanted a full refund (Purchase Price $287) and Paypal got it for me (so it appears).

I did have to pay for return shipment ($86 USPS) per the terms, but at least I'll be getting $287 back. Thanks Paypal!

Original review posted by user Jan 10, 2017

I normally wear a L or XL. When I ordered from Modlily I ordered all items that should be loose fitting clothes, and I ordered in XXL.

The sizing charts indicated that the items should have fit me based upon measurements. When they arrived they were all too small, much much too small. When I measured the product, items that should have fit a 44 inch bust, measured 38 inches. I sent pictures of the measurements and they agreed they are defectively sized.

I found that it would cost me $150 to return this $300 worth of clothing. The terms state full refund for defective items- but you have to pay shipping fees. So to return they are telling me that even though they didn't list any shipping fees on my original order, that they make up 40% of my order, plus I would have to pay $150 to ship the return. They take absolutely no responsibility for their defective product, they do not want to lose a penny- they will push all of their liability off to me for their defective product.

Wow, what a way to run a business. I cannot stress enough- DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MODLILY- THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS DEALING WITH AMERICAN CONSUMERS. They do not stand behind their product- they will make you pay for their shortcomings. I've been corresponding with them for a month, trying to get them to accept some sort of responsibility for their faulty product but they will not.

I have repetedly asked them to correct their sizing charts so other people would not be hurt, but as far as I can tell they have changed nothing.

My next step is to work this through PayPal dispute process. I have all the correspondence I would love to share here, but I can't figure out how to make the PDF less than 5mb (it's 6.8) dang it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Clothing.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Modlily Pros: Cheap prices.

Modlily Cons: Misleading return policy, Sizing charts way off, Customer service run around, Clothing not as pictured, Suggestion that i should re-sell defective merchandise.

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