Horrible customer service. DO NOT ORDER FROM MODLILY.

Tried canceling an order before it was shipped no reply. Submitted 2 tickets and was never contacted by anyone. Tried contacting them by phone does not work. Item was shipped 6 weeks later and does not fit description..

very upset i will never order from them.

They're very fast at processing your payment and then totally ignore you to stay with your money. Smh

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Providence, Rhode Island

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Paul Revere says.....

I mean come on now ready you ready for this let's let's run this down!! I feel like I want to buy a dress, let me go shop at some of my local businesses so I can support my local businesses.

Wow 1-2 hours later I bought my dress I like this dress it's really nice I'm happy, oh no seems to be there is something wrong with my dress, hmmm, let me get in my car and bring it back to the store, 1-2 hours later you have resolved your issue... you decided you wanted a new dress,you shopped for your dress you bought your dress! you found the dress was faulty, so you returned the dress you got another dress and you made it home all in the same day, gee that sounds pretty good doesn't it!!!!!! or you could do this?

order your *** from the internet, not know what the frikk you're getting it takes forever to get there then you realize it's the wrong item then you gotta do all kinds of digital Matrix style interacting back and forth with emails and *** and then you have to ship this item back then you've got to wait for the money to get re-credited to your account then you go to another site to do it all over again searching for another dress!!!

you sound like a ***!!! like I said just go to your local store and buy what you want and if you can't find it, thats called life in reallity!!


Paul Revere Says....

listen to the way you're talking about this I'm not trying to be too rude and ignorant but I've got to be straight forward what else did you expect you're being a lazy *** the whole world has turned into lazy bastards get up get on the bus get in your car or get on your feet and deliver your own self your personal living body to a store and purchase something with cash cash money not a credit card not a plastic piece of plastic with a with an RFID chip embedded in it walk into a store with your physical body and use physical cash and buy what you want you're complaining about something but yet you set yourself up for all of this stop complaining do things right stop being a over-the-air shopper a digital ShopRite internet Shopper abodeely Mo Lily go Lily Shopper I mean come on let's not be ridiculous here you're asking for it that's like running into a brick wall and then getting angry at the wall wake up sheeple


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Please kindly note that the size of this item is based on Asian size and generally it runs small. And there is a size chart for each item under the product information.

So please make sure you have checked size chart and measurements before purchase.

In this way, if the size is not fit, you can return for exchange or return. Please update your ticket and asking for return address.

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