Dear Sirs, I am writing to inquire about returning my ordered items, because I was unable to meet your 30 days return deadline. I am hoping that someone will be able to help me.

I had received my first time online order from your company on January 31, 2017. My order number is: MM-1701060316529985. I ordered 10 swim suit items, for a special trip in March. (I tried them on over underware, and promptly folded and placed back neatly into their original packages, to return them.

I ordered 3 of them in 2 different sizes, determined that one of the two sizes would work for me.) Only one item fit me, which I want to keep-a swim short bottom, and I was planning to send the rest back. Shortly after I received my order, I injured my lower back, a herniated disk with sciatic nerve pain down my leg, and had to have surgery. I had to cancel my upcoming trip, and was laid up for many weeks. Now that I am recovering, and able to drive again, I remembered that I hadn't been able to get my order returned before the 30 day deadline.

I am retired, and a senior citizen. I am very sorry that I wasn't able to do this on time. Is there any way at all that you could accept my late return, and I could still get a refund for my items that didn't fit me? I was looking forward to placing more orders with your company in the future, also.

I am not able to afford this costly mistake, and I sincerely hope that an exception might be made for me. I appreciate your time and consideration on my behalf.

Thank you very much. Sandra DeGeest sdegeest55@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Swimsuit.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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It's been 5 working days since I contacted MODLILY. NO reply, and NO contact with my filed Ticket?!

What is the deal? Do I have any recourse?


I cannot figure out how to return my swimsuits. Igotaticket but no return form


I am trying to return a swimsuit as well. NOwhere on the website is there anyway to return an item.

I am taking recourse through PayPal.

AS of today Modlily offered me 8 dollars to close the PayPal complaint. The swimsuit I ordered was 24$!


Same here - I have an order number, but can't use their return form on the website. Going to try to find a phone number next

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