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I placed an order November 27,2015 & today is January 12, 2016, still haven't received my order yet. I understand the holidays were going on, that's understood but don't keep lying when my order suppose to get here.

after 3 weeks, it finally sent a tracking number. it begin moving but on December 14 it got to New Jersey usps facility which said i would have my order December 24, 2015 & still haven't moved yet nor have i got it. its going on 2 months. the thing is, they have the worst service ever.

my order was paid for, i still have every email & plus i checked with my bank so i know it was paid for. idk, what kind of scam they are running , someone need to help me get in contact with someone & not through those tickets. i did like so many tickets & then they'll get smart with you. My birthday is next month on the 11th & i need my order back because ive been calm about the whole situation.

I swear these people don't wanna know me. I'm so close to sue these people its just that serious. they said that ts been unconfirmed,unpaid & unshipped. which is a lie because its proof on the tracking site.

plus on my account it says its been confirmed,paid & shipped. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who experienced some bull with this company. I need some help on getting my order.

I wouldn't mind getting my money back but I want my order also. Its been long enough & I need some answers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Dress.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Placed my order Feb 9th still have not received it yet try calling phone number can't reach nobody I'm very upset about it I want to know we're is my order that I paid for


I wanna help you sue them too. They never sent me my item, I paid more for the shipping to receive it in 3days.

Then wanted me to pay another 30 $.

They told me I received it and then said no which isnt true. I asked them about 10 times to give all my money back.

We should try to figure something out together to sue them.


I need help also I spent 160.00,I knew it sound to go to be true but I felt it was a trusted site. I'm sick if you could help me in some way to get my money back I would really appreciate it.. Thanks in advance


I also placed an order was told it was being sent than was told it was out of stock so they cancelled my order gave me my money back after numerous bs emails from them went on site and found that what I ordered was back on the site when I questioned them its was more bull *** emails I have uninstalled them and will not go back


I'm experiencing the same problem!!!!! Like you said, we understand the holidays may have been a part of the hold up and the fact that the order is being shipped from overseas, but my god! This will definitely be my first and last order from them!


Very poor quality. Wished I would have googled this company before ordering. If you have an order in progress try to cancel and stop any payments going to them.


Sorry to hear this. I shop with this company all the time and never had a problem.

To get an tracking number after three weeks sounds about right. It is correct to say that if one is shopping international the order/mail piece will not arrive quickly as if it's within the USA. The package/order has to move through customs and it can be a lengthy process related to many issues that may cause havoc to the package arrival. This depends on the size of the package, if you request basic shipment as suppose to expedited, etc.

If your package is in the states.. New Jersey USPS system, as you state than the problem is with the postal service not the company.

You need to contact the postal carrier and learn what's going on with your parcel and get proof. The postal system will in fact give you documents on the status of this mailing and you can use same to provide to the company to than I believe an resolution would be made.


How do I get a tracking number I ordered on Feb 23rd and still haven't received a tracking # or any info on my order this is ***


Go through the bank and place a claim thry should be able to get your money back.

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