DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM Modlily. They listed a sweatshirt on their website for $90 original price as being on sale for $15. I thought it looked really warm in pictures with really thick fur on the hood and the impression that the jacket has some sort of insulation on the inside to be worn outside during chilly weather: http://www.modlily.com/korean-corduroy-neck-long-sleeve-zipper-cotton-hoodies-grey-g78892.html. I assumed that with its original price being $90, the jacket will be great quality. And the sale price was great too so I bought it. When it arrived I saw that it was a really cheap looking sweatshirt not for cold temperatures and the fur on the hood looked sparse and shabby. I wanted to return it and they have the most awful unhelpful customer service. They basically refused to accept my return of the item. This is my correspondence with them:


Customer Support At :09/16/2015 18:54:31 PM

Please consider the low price of the items. And sometimes customers have quite high expectation. We have been trying best to offer the best quality at this price. Hope you understand that.

Adminstrator At :09/17/2015 09:25:14 AM

Ok, could you tell me the details?

we are so sorry about this,could you take a photo for us to look?

and we will help you to solve the problem.

masha.tryam@yahoo.co At :09/17/2015 19:31:32 PM

The fur on the hood looks really sparse and shabby. Also, the jacket has no fur on the inside, no extra insulation for warmth whatsoever and is really thin and not good for colder weather. I will take a picture when I get home from work.

masha.tryam@yahoo.co At :09/18/2015 05:21:04 AM

Here are the images.

Adminstrator At :09/18/2015 14:23:52 PM

thanks for sending photos. we have sent correct items, and there maybe slight difference, pls understand.

masha.tryam@yahoo.co At :09/18/2015 21:07:36 PM

I'm not disputing the fact that you have sent the correct item. I'm telling you that I'm EXTREMELY UNHAPPY with the quality of the item. I asked for it to be returned and your unhelpful customer service (to put it mildly) has just added another reason to my dissatisfaction with the way you do your business. It's false advertising to list the original price of the jacket at $90 dollars (that's the price that was listed when I bought it. It seems to be changing a lot every day). You are making people think that they are getting quality things at a reduced price only to discover that the thing they bought isn't even worth the little money they paid for it. I would have gladly paid more for a nice looking warm jacket, if I could be assured that I would get exactly what I paid for. What I got from you is a piece of trash that I wouldn't want for free if it was offered to me. I'm asking you one more time to take it back and to return my money. Otherwise, I'm never shopping with you ever again and will warn all my friends and family about you, as well as leave bad reviews everywhere I can.

Adminstrator At :09/19/2015 10:09:06 AM

i apologize for u and how about we send you 20% compensation?

Reason of review: Poor customer service, Bad quality, Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Modlily Pros: Free shipping was nice.

Modlily Cons: Quality, Return system and misrepresentation of dress advertised.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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did the administrator say u then you? not professionals at all and 20% compensation?

NO! thats just a no!


Did the administrator just say pls OK wow I'm done


After reading all the negative comments in the quality of the clothing, am wondering if I should cancel my order and retrieve my money back. I need to know where is my order and How long will my order take to come. Am from the Bahamas.


These folks are UNBELIEVEABLE! I am having a similar issue!

Did this ever get resolved?


How were you able to contact them?? HELP PLEASE

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