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I had several complaints:

1) The sizing is WAY off, way too small, Asian sizing--since this company is from China you need to order 3+ sizes larger than you would in the US, they need to warn customers because every item I got was way too small even though I ordered a size up and was wrongfully described.

2) Return policy is non-existent--Also because the items sent were too small, I contacted them if I could exchange for a larger size, or get a refund. They refused to give me their shipping address and told me to keep the items in exchange for a large discount on my next purchase or they would give me 10% refund of my total purchase to make me not return the items for a full refund. They even suggested I "keep to give to a friend" on the items that did not even fit me. So I'm suppose to keep items that do not fit me or items that were not as described? And somehow have the burden to re-sell on my own or give to someone as a gift?!?! Are you kidding me?? Somehow it is now my fault that I am left with these items and out $70. I never once had a response like this from a company. I asked several times for a shipping address and said I would pay for shipping back to China, and they still refused. I had to file a complaint with my credit card company to see if I could get some resolution. Very unethical business practice. Unheard of business conduct and treatment of customers. This is a Chinese company that obviously does not know how to conduct business in America. This response is unheard of and I'm sure they either think this is acceptable business practice/response or they just want to steal your money. If this was an American company, they would be shut down already, after hearing all the complaints on the Internet about them. They will not survive with so many unhappy customers.

3) The item that arrived was not the item advertised on the website--I received a dress that was NOT as pictured or described on the internet. It was a different style and cut. I wanted to return and they refused. I thought if a business sent the wrong product they would be responsible for correcting the mistake, instead they told me to keep it, refusing me to return the item or give me a refund.

4) Horrible customer service--Contacting the customer service through their site is horrible because they do not address your questions. They evade the main issue. For example, I asked for a return shipping address and a refund, instead they responded as, "shipping is very expensive to China, we suggest you keep it and give it to someone as a gift."--I asked 5 times for a shipping address and they refused. Perhaps these people are scam artist or they don't know English.

5) Unfair pricing--What makes this entire situation worse, is that I was able to find ALL the items I purchased on Modally on AMAZON for a lot cheaper!!! They up-priced their items for the very same items/brands on Amazon. I even purchase the items on Amazon to compare, and it was the same brand/style but several dollars cheaper. Like $12 bathing suit on Amazon, but priced $21 on Modlily. Buy on Amazon first, plus they have free shipping both ways, and a return policy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Modlily Dress.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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100% agree with you!

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