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Sadly, the items you see on the modlily website are nothing like you get when you buy one! I purchased the gray/pink coat that looked so great online.

I ordered it around November 20th and did receive it on December 13th. So being shipped from China, thought that wasn't too bad. Upon opening the package, though, the material is very flimsy and the item doesn't even look like the picture on the website. On the inside, there are very noticeable flaws in the fabric.

The stitching is OK, but if you look closely, it's not great. Be careful of the sizes too! I ordered a small and it's very small.

Since I won't wear it anyway, I guess that's not an issue. I'm also not going to bother sending it back because it will cost me more to do that than to just chalk it up to a dumb mistake on my part!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Ugh! I ordered the same item a few days before you and still haven't seen it! Yep, chalk it up to mistake...never to be made again!

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