Selby, North Yorkshire

I ordered what looked on the photograph to be a beautiful oversize waterfall cardigan with a tassels down the front. Order took a long time to arrive but that is to be expected when ordering from overseas.

I cannot begin to explain what arrived....... It is tiny - they state that XL is 14-16 (UK) but had my size 12 friend not able to get into this!!!! The quality is poorer than the cloths I use to wash my floors with!!! I am currently hoping that PayPal will see sense (and these other reviews) and hopefully refund my money.

Do Not waste your money or the time that it takes up trying to get a refund!!!!

Shame really because the designs are lovely and would probably still sell if they made them with better quality material and got their sizes right, even if they had to charge a bit more!!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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