I ordered and paid for a dress from Modlily. I expected a silky/satin well made champagne coloured dress (see first photo). What actually arrived was a rough see through material that was the shade and texture of dark tan old ladies tights. Not only that it really smelled awful! The style was totally different and looked drab (see photo2)

I truly believe this company has professional photographs of pretty clothes and replicates very poor and cheap versions of them, knowing that it would cost far more for the customer to return the product than to keep it.

This company is a scam, disgraceful! They ignored my emails too!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality, poor service, looked nothing remotely like advertised, smelled awful.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Modlily Pros: Photographs of the products.

Modlily Cons: Garment was not as advertsed.

Location: Lancaster, England

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WTF did you expect for $18.00??? If you want high quality clothing you're going to have to PAY the price for quality.

Maybe Neiman Marcus is more to your liking, but you'll spend a lot more than a measley $18.00. SH1T I pay more than that for my dog's *** pads.


Truthfully the dress you are wearing looks very similar, albeit in poor lighting.

Why not just dispute with your credit card?


No it doesn't lol.... Not similar at all!


I'm sorry I have to agree Angie the dress totally different it does not hang sheer it looks more like knapsack material compared to the First dress the color isn't even the same


Yes they are scamming ppl and it's ashamed I spent well over 400 bucks and I received every item I order but each item was trashed the shirts were thin as *** my pants look like cheap material you sew together my purses were terrible and very cheap looking it's not worth ordering ANYTHING from Modlily and Wish they freaking sucks and they do not like to refund you your money back you have to go thru *** and hot water with them that's if you can get them on the phone. I hope they get closed down it's like they're a flee market online


I use to order from Wish also. I started out buying clothes, I'm a sz 12/14, I read in reviews the good and bad review's regarding how to order clothes So I thought want the *** I'll try it.

I ordered a few sizes larger, we'll let's just say a 6th grader could possible wear it.

So i stopped ordering clothes from them but the makeup & house hold items are pretty good. But I will NEVER order clothes from Wish !!


Yes they replicate photos of clothes! I saw a bathing suit picture of a monifc.com bathing suit.

They copied it and sold "their version" for half the price. Scam!


OK OK say no more I have an event this weekend but was skeptical to order given the different atmosphere of the models. Now after reading to reviews I refuse to order anything because I'm serious out my clothes shoes & money.

So modlily you've lost a customer for sure!

Thank you for the reviews. Next


I want to a refund on this dress it is nothing like the photo does anyone know how I can return this?


Ive tried several times to email them for a return address and a refund but haven't got a reply. Mines still in the bag, Ive just excepted as a lesson to learn from (luckily not an overly expensive one.) Its more the disappointment that I felt when I saw it rather than the cost. Its just a bummer, spread the word about these rip off artists!


Probably too late for you at this point, but for others coming here looking for answers, you can contact your CC company or Paypal and have your money refunded. Report as item not as described or as outright fraud. I've never purchased from this company myself but have seen 100's of complaints about them and lots of people get their money back...NOT from this company though, through their CC company.

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