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  • From mobile
  • 17 hours ago
  • #941552

Diane gifford (email ) i have ordered 1 dress on the 18th paid I ordered another dress (different color on oct 22 i want both dresses

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I love how they sure as *** get their money just fine but items are lost or there is a lack of customer service. I ordered a sweatshirt on October 10th and I looked up my tracking number via ups, usps, and fedex and the number doesnt exist. Apparently I shouldn't get my order until spring at this rate. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #940618

Wished I'd checked here before ordering. I always normally do a check. That'll teach me

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How we we Stop this company an others just like it from China, They advertise the same *** products all over the internet. Same story as everyone else, the picture is nothing like the cheap *** you receive after 8 weeks, and forget about trying to return, it, I had 12 emails to the company wishing to return the bathing suit I order for the summer and received it after the summer, and finally had to agree for a 15% of my purchase price which... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 19
  • #939456

Still waiting for the order I was charged for Oct 3. Marianne Wagner

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I ordered from another company that had "lily" in the company name. I have a feeling this is the same company with multiple retail websites. My order came from China, took forever, quality was poor, sizing was way off (I ordered a large but was way too small). When I inquired about returning, the process was ridiculous and would have cost more than the items were actually worth. I'm staying clear of any company with Lily in the name and... Read more

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I ordered a few things from Modlily that added up to 154.00. Today is October 16th I ordered In early August so I'd have them by late September for Vacation. I've contacted them by email since you can't call them, I kept getting same response processing order, the email response was they are very busy and will send as soon as possible. I'm now hoping I won't get them, I don't need anymore I had to buy from a different site that was delivered... Read more

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I purchased a bathing suit in May. It took several weeks before I received my purchase. The bathing suit is TOO big! I couldn't reach the company to find out how to return the suit. I finally just mailed the bathing suit back to Modlily and have now been emailing back and forth since August about my refund. The emails are not professional and clearly are written by someone who DOES NOT speak fluent English!! They asked me if they could give me... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 15
  • #937044

I ordered a zip up hoodie with a cowl hood (order ref MM160918215544491), which turned out to be too small. I emailed to ask where i should return the item to, and to obtain a bigger size, (ticket SN T7295711825, sent 1st Oct 2016) and have heard nothing in response. This is the first time i have used this website, and i will not be using it again. Seriously unimpressed.

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I contacted them and they did not give me an address in the United States that I could return the item to. The item came from China and it would cost too much to return. I have sent them 3 emails and they want a picture to prove that it doesn't fit right which is ridiculous. The item that was sent to was supposed to be a large in women's, which should be like a size 10, but it is more like a size 16. The bra inside the swimming suit is pointed... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 14
  • #936695

I ordered a shirt from Modlily the beginning of September. Have yet to receive's date: October 14th. Did receive an e-mail saying it had shipped w a tracking number on September 27th, but when you enter the tracking number it does nothing. Phone number to Modlily does not work either! Would like my order OR my money back!!

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I ordered an item from Modlily in August. it is now October and still it has not arrived. They tell me it was sent and to wait. I tell them it still hasn't arrived and they say would I like them to send another one? I say yes please to be told that they will charge me shipping again! I have now replied saying that they can darn well refund me in full. Probably wont happen. I am disgusted at this company. So many complaint here. That will teach... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 08
  • #933464

Ordered two articles in Sept. They got paid on the 26th of last month and are still emailing me today telling me to wait on it and that i should have paid for 24hr shipping. I requested to get my money back and the refuse to return it but keep encouraging me to wait for something that i should have had already. Today is October 8th still no merchsndise and no your money and headache

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 08
  • #933450

Buyer beware. Item didnt fit. Cheap crappy material. They will only offer 10% refund. They are shipping from china so takes a long time to receive. Lousy company. First and last time I would order from them.

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I wrote and asked how I can return a bathing suit that I received 7 weeks after I ordered it, it was too big and of poor quality. THIS IS THE RESPONSE I JUST GOT FROM THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ~ Seriously WTF..... "We are sorry that your item does not meet your expectation, How about you keep your item and I help apply a 15% compensation to your user center? You can use the store credit for your next purchase. As for the item you got, you can gift... Read more

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